Notice of Pesticide Treatment

This notice is being provided as required by Michigan law,
specifically The Natural Resources an Environmental Protection Act,
Act 451 of 1994, Part 83, Section 8316.
This notice shall be distributed by at least two methods, including
being posted at the primary entrances to the facility and also using
at least one method that was described on the Annual Notice.

To Parents/Guardians of children attending this facility.

Be advised that a pesticide is expected to be applied at this facility as follows:

DATE OF APPLICATION: Saturday, July 13, 2024, 

LOCATION OF APPLICATIONL:  4651 Polk, 4650 Clippert,
4650 Pardee, Board of Education 20629 Annapolis Dearborn Heights Michigan 48125

TARGET PEST (S): Lawn Weed Control and Unwanted Vegetation

CONTACT PERSON IS: Loarn Chilcote [email protected]

If you have further questions pertaining to pesticide applications,
you may obtain further information through the facility contact
person, or by calling the following numbers:
National Pesticide Information Center
Oregon State University
Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development